Top 3 Food Places In Naperville

Hey guys this is Phil. today I’m here to talk about food! I’ll be taking you to my hometown Naperville and show you some of the Best food around town!

1. Burger Lounge

Yes Burger Lounge!! No not the Burger Lounge that is all over the US. The locally owned Burger Lounge at Naperville, IL.  This is quite different, this is owned by a very proud owner ( ) who solely use halal meat . When you take a dive to eat their Burger it will burst in flavors and juiciness, their burger also don’t joke around when it comes to size, it’s overwhelmingly humongous proportion, it will definitely will scare the vegans away at first glance of this monster burger and this ain’t no fine dining either so 10$ for burger, fries and a drink sounds like much, but considering the quality of their burger I’ll let them take my 10$!! If you are needing something to cheer up you and your belly I’d tell you to go at Burger Lounge in Naperville.

Rating- 8/10  

2. Gematos BBQ

If BBQ and Wood had a baby together it would be called Gemato’s, they are master genius that had figured it out how to make a beautiful, attractive, and juicy BBQ Ribs. Their Ribs are smoked in oak fire, they come out smoking fine hot! And Ohhh they also have juicy sandwiches such as burger, gyro and hot dogs. They also give you a generous amount of fries they just keep piling on baby! Their prices is reasonable and they have one of the best services too, they will welcome you with warm hearts just like your gut will welcome their heavenly food.

Rating- 10/10

3. Pitaville

Now if your like cultural diversity, like authentic chinese, japanese, italian or hispanic, you should try middle eastern! The middle eastern culture is always been underrated especially their food. Their spice and flavor is well mix in their food and delivers a unique taste to new taste buds. Now if you live or stuck at Naperville and your happy to try Middle Eastern checkout Pitaville. The owner of the local chain is also the owner of Burger Lounge on the top of the list. They uses halal meat and they have fair prices. Their popular item in the menu is the Meat Combo Feast! This entree is massive it can feed 3 or 4 people. Basically the Meat Combo Feast contains a combination of juicy beef, chicken Shawarma, chicken kebab, beef kafta, shish taouk, falafels,  rice and salad, ridiculously it’s only 15.99$! Bring your family over and feast on this overload plate! They have also other great food in their menu, definitely try their other combos and lunch special you will get a great deal out of it!

Rating- 9/10

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