About Us

It was junior year of high school when me and my best friend met in gym class located in Chicago. As we both got to know each other and hangout, we realized how much we had in common. One of the things we had in common was the passion of being your own boss. Later on, we decided to start our own clothing line. We struggled to come up with a name which meant something to us. As we started to print t-shirts outside of our basement, a lot of people started to really like our authentic designs. One person in particular, recommended a name. He said "Phi". At first, we didn't know what that meant. After doing research on the word, It came to us. The word "Phi", was something that had a lot of meaning to us. The meaning of Phi comes back to nature. That even though everything around us may look different to us in eyesight, but we are all made up of the same elements. In humans, we are all the same people but different in our own ways. We are different through our tempermants, passions and beliefs. We are "Same But Uniquely Different". A couple months of having the clothing line, we came up with an idea. because Phi has to do with nature, We decided to make a Pineapple Lifestyle Clothing Brand. A pineapple has a lot of significance to us. We think of it as warmth, welcoming, friendship, and hospitality. Because we live in a world with lots of different cultures, The Phi Concept wants to welcome everybody into our brand like it's our family. We believe that people should live to the fullest with everything and being able to have memories which make you happy. We strive every human to try new things, travel & adventure, have everlasting friendships, and follow your dreams. 


PHINEAPPLE is a Pineapple Human. We combined Phi and Pineapple together, and you get PHINEAPPLE. This is a collection where we share stories and life's experiences through pineapple humans in a cartoon visual. A PHINEAPPLE is typically known for is living a fun and adventurous life. They like to lead with example and inspire others to live the same lifestyle as them. They are especially known to be the life of parties. 


Where do PHINEAPPLES live? They live on PHINEAPPLE Island. It's located approximately 100 miles away from Hawaii. All of the PHINEAPPLES live on the island. The island itself is one of the most fun places to be. Because they live such an awesome lifestyle, they are heavily trying to promote it throughout the world so other people can live awesome adventures and have cool memories anywhere! 


Who Is Phil

Phil is a PHINEAPPLE. He is our mascot most importantly. In The Phi Concept, we wanted to capture and document his lifestyle in our clothing. Phil is known for going on extravagant adventures including: Going to a PHINEAPPLE Bar, extravagant vacations, beautiful cities, driving fast exotic cars, and he has many more to come!


PHINEAPPLE Bar- The PHINEAPPLE Bar takes place at a Local Bar filled with PHINEAPPLES. One dude in particular caught our eye. Phil is talking to a young lady. He is looking to have a fun night and mingle a little. PS, his favorite drink is the Pineapple Fizzy Martini. 
PHINEAPPLE Vacay- The PHINEAPPLE Vacay documents "The Cool Dude", Philly, with his extravagant lifestyle. He is waiting for his chauffeur with style. He is about to go on a vacay to a luxurious PHINEAPPLE Village where he will explore new things, and meet other PHINEAPPLE'S.
PHINEAPPLE City- Phil the PHINEAPPLE goes on many adventures. However, this one particularly he is in a city. This city is inspired by Chicago. It is a very beautiful city and The Phi Concept is located here. It is the birthplace of humble beginnings. Chicago is a great city for going on different adventures like unique restaurants, admiring the towering skyscrapers, and meeting very diverse cultures.
PHINEAPPLE Motorsport- If your a car lover, pineapple lover, or just a fan of the shirt, this amplifies the experience of doing adventurous and memorable things. This shirt is designed for you to have as much fun as somebody who's full throttling an exotic car! We are big fans of cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bugatti. Our Mascot, Phil the PHINEAPPLE, is taking on a new adventure. He is in a Motorsport race. 


Our Fans