Phil's Adventures


Our Dearest Friend, Phil, is a PHINEAPPLE. A PHINEAPPLE is a Pineapple Human. He lives a crazy lifestyle and we document all of his journeys that he's been on. He has experienced five memorable adventures so far, and there are many more to come!


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 The PHINEAPPLE Vacay documents "The Cool Dude", Philly, with his extravagant lifestyle. He is waiting for his chauffeur with style. He is about to go on a vacay to a luxurious PHINEAPPLE Village where he will explore new things, and meet other PHINEAPPLE'S.

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The PHINEAPPLE Bar takes place at a Local Bar filled with PHINEAPPLES. One dude in particular caught our eye. Phil is talking to a young lady. He is looking to have a fun night and mingle a little. PS, his favorite drink is the Pineapple Fizzy Martini. 
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Phil the PHINEAPPLE goes on many adventures. However, this one particularly he is in a city. this city is inspired by Chicago. It is a very beautiful city and The Phi Concept is located here. It is the birthplace of humble beginnings. Chicago is a great city for going on different adventures like unique restaurants, admiring the towering skyscrapers, and meeting very diverse cultures.  
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"PHINEAPPLE Motorsport"  
If your a car lover, pineapple lover, or just a fan of the shirt, this amplifies the experience of doing adventurous and memorable things. This shirt is designed for you to have as much fun as somebody who's full throttling an exotic car! We are big fans of cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bugatti. Our Mascot, Phil the PHINEAPPLE, is taking on a new adventure. He is in a Motorsport race. 
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